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against gun violence. also testifying the nra's wayne lapierre. the nra reached out to its members urging them to attend this senate committee hearing. in an e-mail and online in a posting the gun lobby group says "you can bet the anti-gunners will be trying to mobilize their supporters to pack the hearing room and we need to make sure that the room is filled with second amendment supporters!" dana bash is on capitol hill this morning and finding out all sorts of stuff this morning for example there was a move to bring guns into the senate committee hearing, is that going to happen? >> reporter: it's not and it was a move by two of the republican senators on the committee, two of the chief supports of gun rights, lindsey graham and ted cruz. i'm told by a spokesman for graham they're not going to do this because of lots of red tape and bureaucracy in order to allow them to do this. first and foremost assault weapons are not legal in the district of columbia so they gave up and lindsey graham is going to have pictures and posters of these weapons as his show and tell, not the actual weapon
. everybody is for these things except the nra and the gun manufacturers. but who is fueling and funding the gun manufacturers? >> one big question congress may be looking at but bill de de blazio, the public advocate is ahead of these. he is on this case and joins us this morning on our news line. mr. public advocate, good to have you back on the show. >> hi, bill. >> hi, bill. thank for having me. >> we know that the nra -- right, is the lobby now nothing but the lobby for the gun manufacturers. who is behind the gun manufacturers? what have you found. >> who is behind the nra? the gun manufacturers. the nra has that chokehold on the political process and the legislative process in view of house they pointed that out. who is funding the gunfire industry? some of the biggest names in the financial industry. many of whom are based here in new york city or have offices here a couple of days ago, we went out in front of tiger management. but there are many others including black rock and big names that we found are very deeply invested in the guvenz and amm
as gun safety advocates and the nra squared off at the first congressional hearing since the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut. gabrielle giffords spoke briefly at today's congressional hearing but what she said carried a powerful message. >> we must do something. it will be hard, but the time is now. >> as she made her emotional appeal the nra head re lapierre listen then -- listened in. >> background checks will never be universal because criminals will never submit to that. >> in a fiery rebuttal, her husband mark kelly spoke. >> my wife would not have been sitting in this seat today if we had stronger background checks. >> a teenager who marched during the inaugural parade was shot to death in chicago. >> if we can save even one child's life, we have an obligation to try. combat gun violence, president obama islawmakers to pass legislation that will limit the number of rounds in a magazine clip and require universal background checks for gun purchases. the nra says lawmakers should focus on enforcing current laws. republicans and some rural state democrats agree and it is
for national gun-control legislation. >> why that nra says universal background checks cannot be part of the solution. >> at reagan's camp, the defensive coordinator has a unique background that could help him figure out how to stop tom brady. >> rain, >> it the debate over gun control is drying heat from at least two people on capitol hill. the president kick off a campaign for universal background checks and the nra says the focus should be on shooters and other firearms. the group is pushing back against the universal background check. >> if you can get a record of the owners of guns, the government could sell them -- could force them to sell them back to the government. that is confiscation. a new wall street journal poll finds the nra has not lost support. key congressional democrats say a weapons ban will never pass congress. >> there has been no lack of activity on the radar screen. the observations that crumb level have not reported it precipitation around baltimore. that is the case that most of the precipitation we see on the radar, detecting the raindrops and snowflakes, al
this but gun violence meetings on capitol hill with a chart focus. vice president joe biden met with the nra. he recommends setting up a strong system or background checks. there is also tal of a ban on assault weapons. he says the changes are necessary to put a stop to senseless violence. gun rights activists say that manning -- banning is not the answer. >> reform the ways we deal with the mentally ill come including lee -- including the mentally ill. >> diminish the probability what we have seen in the mass shootings occur and diminish the probability that our children are at risk in schools. >> the nra claims thousands of new members since the shooting in connecticut. and control is an issue that state lawmakers are addressing at that maryland general assembly. >> the showdown between b.g.e. and local lawmaker. >> when lawmaker has introduced legislation to keep b.g.e. from charging consumers a monthly fee to maintain their old meters. we have more on the issue. >> what we are talking about is a refusal fee. it is an issue in 19 states, including maryland. smart meters are supposed to ex
tonight a hearing to drum up support for new gun control laws. the nra says it doesn't work. >> facebook beats the street with a new formula for turning a profit from people making friends with mobile devices. >> it's a 7 on your side super bowl party. i'm michael finny. ahead, we'll find out if it's possible to throw a great party for 8 for around >>> too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. >> former congress woman and gun violence victim gabrielle giffords making an appeal to curb gun violence. >> members met with officials in san francisco to talk about the same gun measures and abc 7 news political reporter listened in on that meeting. >> just back. house democratic leader nancy pelosi was at this meeting today so was shooting victim, jackie speier and mike thompson shares the house task force. the topic was, can and what needs to be done. and members of congress to protect the american people. >> this is it. we have to measure up. and we cannot accept anything less. >> the head of the house task force on gun violence says there are measures that even gu
biden and the nra even more violent. the legislation -- vice president biden is looking at the legislation from the president's tax force keeping >> another swat team at the school. another shooting incident. the images from bakersfield, calif. fill the news networks as vice president biden said that he would send it to president obama on tuesday a proposal to change on laws. >> diminish the probability that what we have seen in these mass shootings will occur and diminish the probability that our children are at risk in our schools. >> biden met with hunting groups and the nra today. he is expected to propose a new ban on assault weapons and large capacity clips. and what your background checks including gun shows. a mass shooting survivor says changing that is job one. >> not taking guns from everybody. that is not what we are talking about. we are talking about making sure that guns do not get into the wrong hands. how do we do that? that is a background check. >> the best response is to have a good guy with the gun there at the scene. to do that, you need more people
for the gun industry. >> the answer is the big lie has worked for years. the nra has said for years, if they take away your military-style assault weapons, take away the ar-15, they're going to take your hunting rifle, your handgun, which is a big lie. it's a big lie because constitutionally the government can't do that. the supreme court made sure of that. we had a shooting yesterday, an ar-15 in albuquerque. >> six people including children. i guess we just don't want to talk about it. >> blown away. >> a guy shot his family with an assault rifle. but that's all right to these people, i guess. i'm sorry. i don't mean to -- you know what? we have to have a tough conversation. >> you guys look like you're blaming me. >>> coming up next the baltimore ravens shock tom brady and the new england patriots. unbelievable. >> sorry, barnicle. >>> also it's setting up a match -- it's going to be a great game mika. it's going to set up a match with the 49ers. we'll be right back. i was overweight my whole life. i obsessed about my weight my whole life. i figured i was
nra president and ceo is also scheduled to testify. we'll be watching that four on nbc news. >> severe weather rocked the nation last night. winds up to 70 miles per hour cut through mobile homes along with snapped power poles, a roof blown hoof a warehouse. bill karins has the complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >>> major reaction to the president's immigration overhaul and determination to fast track new laws. he stated now is the time to fix a broken system. republican lawmakers are warning there's only so farther willing to compromise on this issue. tracie potts joins us with more. where don't they agree on this? >> reporter: richard a couple of areas where we think they won't agree, we got two manassas on the table now both with the same broad goals. what we don't know in those areas of disagreement that you talk about are in the details. starting today lawmakers iron out differences between their plan and president obama's how long it will take for people living here illegally to become citizens. >> it won't be a quick process but a fair process and it w
with representatives from the video game industry, talking about gun control. thursday, he met with the nra, which says it was disappointed with the meeting. they believe the white house is less focused on keeping children safe and more focused on restricting guns to lawful owners. but other groups present at the meeting say the nra will have to budge. >> they said, "oh, yeah. , that is interesting, but we want to talk about regulating firearms itself." >> they realize the game is changing so quickly and me to them that they will have to adjust. >> the task force on gun control is expected to recommend stricter background checks on gun sales and a ban on high capacity clips. the suspect in the aurora, colorado shootings is given more time to consider a plea. a judge granted the defense the delay in the arraignment process. >> the decision to go to trial is not unexpected. the evidence was overwhelming. >> no surprises in the court ruling. there was overwhelming evidence supporting all 166 counts of the case of the people versus jamestown's. -- versus james holmes. >> the request by attorneys to delay t
talks about gun control at the white house and today he met with the nra. the nra said to many people were more interested in demonizing the second amendment than keeping shouldn'ts safe. they had proposed armed security guards previously. >>> the bp was talking guns the president was taking changes to his cabinet. he would replace the current secretary. he is the chief of staff right now but is getting a lot of attention for his loopy signature that will soon be on all newly printed money. >> working on his signature? >> not that i'm aware of. >> the selection is drawing criticism for the first time in years, all of the premiere cabinet positions be held by men. >>> and now more information on the flu outbreak spreading hard and fast across the country including right here. lisa sylvester has the latest on flu germs and how quickly they can spread. . >> reporter: we touched so many things without realizing it. take a simple trip on the subway. buying a metro card, going down the escalator. that's only the beginning. the flu virus can spread in a closed space like a subway station.
and members of the nra. chief johnson made his case for a ban on high capacity clips. >> like assault weapons, high capacity zens are not use -- high-capacity ammunition magazines, limiting them will limit the number of round as shooter candice charge before he has it reload. >> the head of the nra said lawmakers should not focus on new laws but rather enforcing the laws that are already on the books. >>> a week after reportedly attending the presidential inauguration to perform with her school band, a click teen is dead, a victim of gun violence. heidi pendleton was in a south side park with others when a group opened fire. she was shot in the back and later died at the hospital. >>> there's no secret. it is a bat toll fight childhood obesity. a local mother and author is working to encourage healthier choices. one author is bringing her words of wisdom on healthy living to a baltimore classroom. >> reporter: dr. fuller is bringing her knowledge to students. she's talking to them about eating healthy and exercising. >> i want them to walk away knowing that they really have the power to make
be called the meeting maybe a little less cordial. nra released a stinging statement following the sit- down saying it didn't produce ideas as curbing gun violence but instead hacking the second amendment. mr. biden said the one thing has come out of his immediateings is that consensus that background checks need to be strengthened overall. >>> and adding urgency to the debate another school shooting. this one in taft, california war 16-year-old -- where a 16- year-old walked into the school and shot a classmate. police cred ate teacher and staffer with talking that shooter into putting the weapon down before things got worse. the victim is in critical condition. and we are learning that bullying may have been the motive behind the school shooting in california. and you have this scene in portland oregon a. two men armed with rifle taking to the streets and hoping to raise awareness about gun rights. instead it caused a near panic. when officers showed up, there was not much they could do. the pair had concealed carry permits and were not breaking laws. coming up, we have checked around thi
safe and responsible gun ownership works and the nra has a long and proud history of doing exactly that. our eddie eagle child safety program has it out 25 million young children that if they see a gun, they should do four things. stop, don't touch it, leave the area and call an adult. as a result of this and other private sector programs, fatal firearms accidents are at the lowest level in a hundred years. the nra has over 80,000 certified instructors who teach our military personnel, law enforcement officers, and hundreds of thousands of other american men and women how to safely use firearms. we do more and spend more than anyone else on teaching safe and responsible gun ownership. we join the nation in sorrow over the tragedy that occurred in newtown, connecticut. there is nothing more precious than our children. and we have no more sacred duty than to protect our children and to keep them safe. that's why we ask former congressman and undersecretary of homeland security asa hutchinson to bring in every available expert to develop a model school shield program. one that can be indiv
think with every bushmaster that is sold, the nra ought to give coupons to "the book of eli" and get "the road," which is a great book. of course, zombies, people eating people, end of the world-type stuff. >> okay. so we will get to this ridiculous testimony on capitol hill as well as some of the powerful testimony in just a moment. i want to do these other stories first. you have to stay with me here. come on, now. >> they had a bushmaster. they tried to eat them, lock and load. >> what do i do? >> he almost died in the driveway. he almost -- denzel almost died, if he had a bushmaster or anyone -- a rocket launcher -- >> come here, now. it's all right. >> have you seen "the book of eli"? >> i have. it's a great underrated movie. >> you know what else i saw? i just saw it. denzel, man, "flight." >> that's good. that's good. flying upside down. >> there are good movies this year. >> flying upside down. >> including -- >> you know -- >> okay. >> the stewardess had a bushmaster, she could have shot him before he got on the plane. >> now i'm going to do the top story. cut his mike. toda
afterrthe schoollmaasacre in connecticut.vice president joe & piden et with the n-r-a today. the things the n-r-aasays it will ánotá supportin our cover 3 3 baltimore... back...//.looking... p for... the person....who shot... a... man. ... in... east baltimore baltimorepolicee.. were on the scene... shortly... before noon... &p at... east hoffman ...and... north... chesser streets...//. a... man... was found... shot in the neck... and... back...//.he... was aken to the hospital,.../ where... his condition... s unknoww....// .no... word ...on a susppcttor motive. -3 3 a... would--e ...burgllr... is... & on.,.. the run.../ and... we.../ have... hii picture....// the... victim... 3 phone... / before ... 3 get way....// eith daniels...streaming , live... in caaonsville .../ & where... the ordeaa... has the neighb
with gun owners and the national rifle association. teh he nra said there isn't much room for compromise. gun owners did not see it that way. with pressure mounting, the nra faces a tough choice. >> they may realize the game is changing so quickly that they now have to adjust. >> so for a surprising recurrence of suggestions that we have universal background checks, not just close the gun show at the poll but total universal background checks. >> another school shooting in california. a teenager injured two students. >> maybe as many as 20 rounds in his pockets. >> the task force is likely to recommend a ban on high capacity clips. the nra says they have 100,000 new members unsolicited. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> more than 5000 american express employees will soon be out of a job. many customers move to do their travel planning online. they believe the company will be able to serve its customer base with a smaller staff. we have heard of cars that drive themselves but what about a driverless cars that will also pick you up. the car parks itself and picks you up. it will be about 1
legislation. here is a hint, it's not the n.r.a., but it might be a liberal think tank. more on that coming up. >> an exciting night at the miss america pageant. there she is. >> your new miss america is... miss new york. >> how about that, 23-year-old mallory, why are they always surprised? it's a 50/50 chance. "fox & friends" sunday morning the first hour starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us, great to be here with tucker carlson, mike jerrick. >> tucker: hi, ali. >> good morning. >> tucker: why is the look always. >> alisyn: what jo the miss america, it's patented. >> alisyn: is it always the person on the right side who wins? the stage manager is in charge, i think. >> alisyn: and we'll give you more on that, but first the headlines and tell you exactly what's happening at this hour, overnight egyptian president mubarak getting a second chaps chance the at freedom. a court has given up the-- the no date has been set for the retrial. the government wants to help people get vaccinated, temporarily banning pharmacies from vaccinating people under the
husband, mark kelly, an nra ceo wayne lapierre also testified. this hearing is just under four hours. [no audio] >> we have more than 200 people here today and hundreds more watching on our committee web cast. i expect everybody in this room to be respectful of the senators and the witnesses speaking about this very serious subject. i do not want applause for or against any position. the capitol police have been notified to remove any audience interference in an effort to have orderly conduct for that. that is a warning i give the many hearings. we will hear a lot of perspective on gun violence. i will give opening statements. but we have a former member of congress here, gaby giffords who will give a brief message and believed and captain kelly, thank you for your help in bringing your wife here. ms. giffords - >> ok. thank you for inviting me here today. this is an important conversation for our children, for our communities, for democrats and republicans. speaking is difficult but i need to say something important. violence is a big problem. too many children are dying too many childre
in only 30 of the states. >> reporter: the head of the nra called the universal background check a waste of time and money. >> you are never going to get criminals to go through universal background checks. all of the law abiding people you will create an enormous federal bureaucracy. >> congress woman jackie spear who was shot five times says wayne la pierre doesn't represent the nra membership. >> the polls show that the vast majority of the nra members support the background checks. >> he will turn the recommendations over to nancy pelosi and we will see how you far they get in the republican-led house. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc 7 news. let's go overseas to israel and the air strike raising the concern ooh even higher in the embattled part of the middle east. israeli war planes bombed a convoy near the syria border with lebanon and martha raddatz explains what the strike is all about. >> reporter: this is what we know. officials say truckloads of dangerous weapons were being loaded from a facility in syria and then were headed for lebanon. officials say inside the trucks wer
rifles.the nra presiient says the proposal willljust reduce 3&ptarget practice by llw-abiding &pcitizens.(david kkene, nra) 16:19:08 ""here are about & three and a haaf to four -3 million of tthse that are &powned by americas around the country. thee're useddfor hunning. they're used for long arms ttaining.""he mere &pttreat of ban alrrady boooted sales oo assault riflls... around thh country. (billlloane) "i haveea lot of i'' ssll to 6 a month. i've sold probably 55 in the llst month."but in statee likk maryland where llgislatuues are coosidering even stricter laas.... the president's plan (o'malley bite) 12:42:23 "ii think the preeidenn has eee 33 and challenging all of us to dd more tooprevent the sort of ccrnage we've seen in places &plike newtown nd collrado and other places."bbt for gun enthusiistss.. proposalss lke magazine capacity limits and stricter backgrouud checkk willldo nothing to actually stop ccime.(bill loane) 01:36:47 "bad guys caa sill & gg out and gettguns. you're -3 only putting the law n us the good guys."an attac
of the nra wants the focus on the shooters. >> we need to find ways to get at the root causes of this kind of violence and key 20 round magazines out of the hands of the kinds of people who involve themselves in this kind of activity. they are invariably severely mentally ill. >> but the nra's resisting universal background checks. >> you can get a record of who owns firearms, the government could force them to sell them back to the government. that is basically confiscation. >> a more emotional debate, but not more agreement despite the massacre at the school. and america remains divided. a poll finds in the nra has not lost support since new town. 41% approval, 34% disapproval of the powerful gun lobby. >> still had tonight, baltimore city police department gets into the spirit of the afc championship between the ravens and patriots. >> also ahead -- >> we will be a top school teacher who has found herself in the national spotlight. i will tell you why, coming up. >> one lucky lady 12 tickets to the ravens game in new england. that story, coming up. >> new tonight at 5:30, a maryland tea
of semi automatic weaponss.. pnd... magazines contaaning moreethan ten rounds...//. the n--r--a... responded - saying lawmmkers shoold instead focus on prosecuting pental health system a... new mexico... state representative... hot water ... over ...a... proposed bill.../ that... criminalizes... rape victims... who ecome pregnant... republican... rep... katherine brown... has been flooded... with... angry hone calls,.../ but... she says ...its all... a... misundersttnding... over... a... poorly... written part... of the bill...//.it... tampering with evidence... shall be punished. "...//brown... says... that was only meant... to apply... to the perpetrator.../ not... the victim...///. she's... protect rape nd iicest saying... some to get abortions.ssure women... "when they iolate her like thiss i think we need to make it so that it isn't likely to conttnue and what better evideeceedo we have of a ccime, than the dna eviddnce?" evidence?" brown says shh's working tt get theeright language into a... ddsh cam the - capt
a consensus among the nra, gun owners and antigun proponent. the idea is to prevent more tragedy like sandy hook and possibly have a ban on assault weapons. he says it's created fear among gun owners. >> because obama wants to take everybody's guns away so they're down here buying ammo, buying guns, getting ready for the next revolution. >> gun show president bob templeton takenned the meetings in washington. >> further restrictions on the second amendment, not on the table for discussion. >> templeton says that is his stand as well as the nra, he says some consensus was reached as far as brown checks for criminal and mental health records, but thinks the administration is just having the meetings for show. >> productive dialogue. i think hey had their mind made up. >> the task force on guns is expected to present recommendations by the oaivedz the month. templeton expects 8,000 people here at the cow palace on sunday and expects to sell out of ammunition. in daly city, abc7 news. >> ama: the eighth and final suspect in the murder of a 14-year-old boy in san francisco is in county jail tomo
president biden met with groups all week-- from gun control advocates, to the n-r-a-- hoping to find a solution to the nation's gun violence problem. the issue isn't just dividing lawmakers. as athena jones tells us, religious groups are also at >> "you all know this is a complicated issue." >> reporter: gun control is front and center at the white house. and a matter of debate among christians. (church bells) >> "there is a fascinating religious divide on the issue of gun control." >> reporter: a survey by the public religion research institute- conducted before the newtown shooting- found six in ten catholics support stricter gun control laws, compared to about a third of white evangelical protestants and 42 percent of white mainline protestants. >> "it's just not about theology. it's also about culture and geography." >> reporter: the poll also found white evangelicals are the most likely to own guns. many live in southern and rural areas where guns are a way of life. so what does the bible say about weapons? >> "scripture teaches that christians are not to take weapons and avenge
as a 65-year-old man scheduled to appear in court this morning on a menacing charge. >>> the nra says boosting school security is more effective in banning assault weapons in reducing gun violence. a top nra official appears on capitol hill today for the year's first congressional hearing on gun control. wayne lapierre says police need to enforce existing gun laws and deny weapons to the mentally ill. >>> former illinois governor george ryan will be released from prison today. the 78-year-old ryan will be transferred to a halfway house in chicago. >>> and the master mind of the manti te'o hoax is telling his side of the story. roniah tuiasosopo's interview with dr. phil interviews tomorrow. his attorney says coming forward with the truth is part of the healing. he'll provide exact details of the hoax, in which he fooled te'o into believing he was his girlfriend. >>> and a true hero here. former soldier brendan marrocco insisted on wheeling his own wheelchair into a news conference yesterday. he was using the new transplanted arms he received six weeks ago. he also lost both lesion in
of weapons. >> the nra says the bill has -- fired back against the bill saying senator feinstein has been trying to. [audio not understandable] >>> it said no assault weapons and angry vendors pulled out by the hundreds and the largest sports and outdoor show in the country is on hold. charley has more on why the eastern sports and outdoor show has been postponed and it's a whirlwind for people. >> sight start -- it started a week ago the day before the president announced his plan to increase control and the call for the assault weapons ban. reid exhibitions said they wouldn't i a lou the sale -- allow the sale or display of technical weapons. the show is up i-83 and slated to start next saturday. it's a huge event drawing thousands of people from all along the east coast including here in baltimore. and includes 1200 vendors from outfitters to hunting and fishing and camping suppliers. when the announcement was made 300 vendors pulled out including big names like the nra. a facebook page calling for the boycott started and gained 19,000 fans compared to the facebook page which had less
and center on this sunday. our elected leaders, crisscrossing the talk shows, the nation's gun lobby and n.r.a. expressing confidence that an assault weapons ban already being talked about in washington will not make it through congress. the n.r.a. is standing by over concerns of a meeting with vice-president joe biden saying the obama administration needs to stop focusing solely on guns and gun owners. >> we wish instead of talking about guns specifically, that t they would have addressed what will we do in the future. what will we do about a broken mental health system that allows people potentially violent to be on the streets? >> and a liberal think tank weighing in for the first time shall the center for american progress announcing it's joining a full scale campaign to push for more gun control laws. >> the organizations will be working to work in the states, and ensure at that we have the voice and really have the american people and really gun owners who listen to the proposals, their voices at the table as well. >> harris: all of this in the wake of a week long series of meetings hos
criticizing the n-r-a... forr their new ad that some ay... children.durinn a press - conference thursddy... chris chhistie called theirradd "reprehensible"... sayyng thh group hasslosttsome of its credibility.while christie has talked about gun control ii the past... he has yet to take a firm stance on eitter ide. &ppouring out as to who's reall behind the mantiite'o hoax. "deadspin dot com" hh sports website that brooe tte &pstory points to a mann amed "ronaiah two-e-ya-so-so-po". two know each other. friends and family of "two-e-ya-so-so-po" say he &pcreated the girlfriend and a woman whose name is not being releassd saysssheeeven realized her picture had been forr e'''s girlfriend. it's the interviiw everyone has been talking abouttall wwek... lance armstronn's one- which caught headlines before this ooringg.. rene marsh joins us live from washington with highlights from last pights interview. interview.gooddmorning, rene. --rene on camera-- after more than decadd of vehemently denying doping allegations -- in lance armstrong's wordd last night, he admitted it was ooe bbg lie. weegot to h
health for gun-control. >> this needs to have a result driven dialogue. >> the nra is gearing up for battle. >> i would say that the likelihood is that they are not going to be able to get assault rifles. >> joe biden met with several people let last week and is expected to make recommendations to the president by tuesday. in the meantime, one senator that is selling firearms is urged to take the first step. >> i am urging these retail stores to stop the cell of large scale ammunition vehicles-ammunition and arms until congress can come to an agreement. >> is going to take a long time before an agreement and closure after that terrible massacre. april williams, kron 4 >> lance armstrong says that he is ready to speak candidly as he prepares for an interview with oprah winfrey. rumors have been swirling that armstrong is ready to admit his use of performance enhancing drugs in the interview. that interview is scheduled to air on thursday. a person with knowledge of the situation has said that armstrong will give a limited confession and apologize. this would be the first public re
control laws. executive vice president of the nra said the focus should be on making schools more secure, more aggressive. prosecution of gun criminals and fixing the country's mental health system. wayne la pierre says gun laws are not the answer. >> while we are ready to participate in a meaningful effort to solve these pressing problems we must disagree with some members of the committee and many in the media and all the gun control groups on what will keep our kids and keep our streets safe. law abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of violent or deranged criminals. nor do we believe government should dictate what we clawfulln and use to protect our families. we have to be honest about what works and what does not work. proposals that would serve to burden the law abiding have failed in the past and will fail in the future. semi-automatic firearm technology has been around for a hundred years. they are the most popular guns for hunting, target shooting, self-defense. despite this fact, congress banned the manufacture and sale of hundreds of semi-automatic firearms and
act. >> her opposition? the head of the nra. so, who won the first round? >>> the $275 million man on the ropes tonight? the guy who got all the glamour and the girls. is he about to go down? >>> and, cats going wild. what we just learned today about the secret life of fluffy. scientists track them and discover a kind of feline frankenstein. >>> good evening. we begin with that wall of wind howling across the country tonight. millions
things to know on this wednesday morning. the nra executive vice president will testify before the senate judicialary committee. it's holding a hearing about gun violence and what should be done for future prevention. the committee will hear from gabriel gifford's husband. gun control will be a topic of conversationton in newtown. they will hold a hearing about gun safety and mental health issues. blackberry devoteees have been waiting for this. there's a new phone with the blackberry 10 system. it's long overdue makeover for the technology which obviouseled -- struggled since the introduction of the iphone and android on the market. >>> the path train service between new york and new jersey resumes on a normal schedule. many of the stations flooded forcing them to be shut down so crews could make necessary repairs. >>> and security is one of the top priorities for the superbowl this weekend. and today, secretary of homeland security is talking about what they are doing to keep fans, players and employees safe during the big game. >>> we are minutes away from 7:00 and it's jack and jackie
is now and you must act. also on the hill nra vice president wayne lapierre. >> my problem with background checks is you're never going to get criminals to go through universal background checks. >> the criminals won't go to purchase the guns because there will be a background check. we'll stop them from the original purchase. you miss that point completely and it's basic. >> senator, i think you missed it. >> let there be order. >> just a taste of the conflict ahead between getting any new legislation passed will be tough with gun rights supporters on both sides of the aisle. >>> let's party a bit down in new orleans. wusa9 anchor andrea roane there is for our glitz and blitz team coverage. at super bowl xlvii, hey, andrea. >> reporter: hi there, derek. look where i am, on stage at snug harbor here with the uptown jazz orchestra and its leader delcio marsalis and we'll listen to them play a little, but this is what louisiana is all about, great food, great music and it's all right here at snug harbor. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: i've got to talk to the leader, delcio marsa
arizona congresswoman gabrielle gifford to the nra. >> be bold, be courageous. americans are counting on you. >> my problem is background checks as you're never going to get criminals to go through universal background checks. dodge the testimonies came as lawmakers held the first hearing in the wake of the new town shooting. james johnson, a supporter of president obama's gun control program also testified. >> there is nothing better than being in raven's country this week. unless you are a central it is 40 niner's fan. we caught up with the teenager that wears her forty-niners tried very proudly in the halls of her city high-school. live in the newsroom, she has more on her story. >> we have met so many special raven's fans, we thought we would show you a different perspective. it is just fine with her. >> it is not all that difficult to pick kathy out of a group. she is the one in the san francisco forty-niners sweatshirt surrounded by all the raven's fans. >> is cool being the only forty- niners fan. >> her dad is the defensive coordinator for the forty- niners. she admits being i
will testify at the senate hearing and the nra's chief executive, wayne lapierre. law enforcement officials and constitutional experts. >>> a new poll finds a majority of americans say politicians are exploiting the sandy hook tragedy. the survey conducted by reason group found 52% believe elected officials are using the deadly shooting for political gain. 41% feel politicians are acting responsibly, sun% undecided. >>> new at 6, john curry addressed the senate for the -- john kerry addressed the senate for the final time today. he discussed the honor of serving in the senate and got choked up when talking about some of his fellow politicians. >> standing here at this desk that once belonged -- at this desk that once belonged to president kennedy and to ted kennedy, i can't help but be reminded that even our nation's greatest leaders and all the rest of us are merely temporary workers. >> reporter: william mo cowen is appointed to fill kerry's vacant senate seat until a special election is held in june. >>> on severe weather watch tonight, a large storm system makes its way to our region an
the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> the vice president sits down with the nra on the same day as another school shooting. how the events could impact recommendations handed to president obama next week. >>> throw on the purple and put on the game face. ravens leave tore denver for a critical playoff game and ravens fans are not far behind. we are live showing you how they will be heading out to the mile high city. >> what better way to show your pride than wearing 52. find out where ray lewis ranks in the hottest nfl jerseys. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. we have to get you ready for today. we have our purple on. it's playoff purple friday. and how is the weather going to be out there mike masco is here to take a look. >> we are talking about temperatures starting out on the chilly side but 60s close to 70s on the weekend. we barbecuing? good idea. >> i like that. >> 34 right now -- right now at joppa. annapolis 37. and it's on the chilly side and things are going to be cloudy during the duration of the afternoon. weather he
're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >>> ready, aim fire. the nra says it's an attack on your rights and the vice president says it's necessary. we will tell you what's happening now at a push to get tighter gun laws on the books. >>> can you get the flu if you've had a flu shot? what do you do if you get sick and what do you eat? as the outbreak gets worse we are working to get answers to your questions. >> reporter: happy purple friday. we have excited
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through a background check has some widespread support. even the majority of nra members support the idea, but how would background checks be implemented on private details? as peggy fox reports, they're already required in several states, but the seller and the buyer meet a licensed dealer who runs the tech. >> reporter: virginia tech shooting survivor collin goddard has gone undercover at gun shows across the country to show how easy it is to buy high powered firearms without a background check. >> this is exactly the problem we want to stop. >> we bought this gun last year at a dale city gun show with no background check. >> reporter: omar salaha whose sister was killed believes everybody needs bake ground check. >> if somebody fails a -- a background check. >> if somebody fails a background check, the police are supposed to investigate why there was a failed sale and last year in virginia alone it led to 850 arrests. >> reporter: but still virginia and 32 other states do not require background checks on private sales. some gun stores like sharpshooters here in lorton will do a back
sense measures to improve safety. you can expect a tough fight from the nra. >>> two planes clipped one another in miami. >> it was landing at the plane was headed for paris that was departing. reports in miami say they did have damage. >>> in one was hurt, the people were stranded and had to search for a flight. this is coming to us out of miami. the planes were so close to one another the faa is trying to determine how that could have happened. >>> the story is a recurring problem. another person is thrown from a platform on to the tracks. the victim pulled herself up as the train was coming. cameras show a man approaching her at a station in philadelphia. can you see him grab her and drag her off a bench and on to the tracks. unbelievable. police were able to find him and arrest him. >>> and in the tough times financial planners say more people are dipping into their 401(k) plans. experts say this is not a good idea unless you have to. the quick cash comes with a price. -- price. >> there are tax implications that you have to pay taxes on it. if you are not 59 and a half you have
weapons. >> the nra was quick to shout back. they said that they will reject the wrong headed approach. this legislation would ban 158 military style weapons and magazines with more than ten bullets. they say that's taking it a little to far. . >>> a pennsylvania mom believes her daughter's school went to far when administrators punished her for pulling out a paper gun in class. she said that she went to throw it away but a boy saw it and called the administrator. she said the employee yelled at her in front of class. she was even searched. >> he yelled at me and said that i shouldn't have never bring the gun to school and i kept telling him it was paper but he wouldn't listen. >> why did he stand over her and say you should call the cops? you can be arrested? why were you trying to scare her? >> she said the gun looks like a sheet of paper folded over. this '2was made by the girl's grandfather. >> here is a more positive approach to dealing the gun debate. a woman is using guns taken from the streets of newark new jersey and turning them into jewelry. >> reporter: jewelry for a
with closed-door meetings with nra lobbyist and state lawmakers. they showed up to support the right to bear and keep arms. this comes as others have protested the sale of semiautomatic rifles following a year of deadly mass shootings. >> they have the right to say whatever they would like unfirst amendment and i respect that. he don't have an issue of getting into a conversation with somebody but if they will argue with me don't argue with idiots. >> both side of the gun issue are keying a close eye on what law makers are going to decide to do about the legal sale of certain guns. >>> another gun control group is now happening in new york city. the million moms march will take place on the brooklyn bridge and end at city hall. there's march for dth dc chapter of 1 million moms. they are calling on law makers to take action in gun control legislation. >>> new video out of bulgaria. a man rushes on a stage during a national conference in bulgaria and points a gun at the leader of the country's ethnic turkic party he eud a gas pistol used for target practice most often. tried to shoot the part
view of weapons. >> well the nra sees battle lines being drawn and push back saying quote, senator feinstein has been trying to ban guns from law abiding citizens for decades. we are confident congress will reject her approach. >> in a consumer alert, the batteries being blamed for the boeing dream liners are being examined. investigators arerunning new tests in arizona to figure out what led to fires on run ways in boston and japan. >> you have a hard time sleeping because you snore or the person next to you in bed snores. >> or maybe the stress of your day could leave you dreaming of a scalp massage. that would be nice. these days specialty pillows promise to do all sorts of things. >> we're asking if they really are a dream. >> math thu all d -- matthew hall doesn't do it on purpose, he sdmoers and his wife lets him know. >> when i get swatted, i know it's time to roll over. >> now there's a growing market of specialty pillows to help people like matthew. >> minimizing snoring and sleep apnea with pillows that can provide a better support for people that have neck strain
automatautom firearms technology. >> there is opposition to measures and the n.r.a. said the american people know gun bans do not work and we are confident congress will reject senator feinstein's wrong-headed approach. the lobby may be too much for feinstein's legislation, something she openly acknowledged. >> if anyone asked today can you win this, the answer is we don't know. it is so uphill. >> even if the assault weapons ban goes nowhere in congress some groups hope members will pass universal brown checks. a move that may be no are politically pal -- palatable. >> as the vice president heads outs of capitol demonstrators are descending on washington. the march for life is one of the largest anti-abortion ever to hit the capitol. it comes the same week as the 40th anniversary of roe v wade. protesters call on the supreme court to overturn the decision even though the federal government will not pay for abortions and republicans have passed 135 restrictions in the last two years. >> now will abortion be available. as the states there are so many restrictions passed. >> a new nbc "wall st
with semi-automatic activity. >> opposition to several gun control measures this week. the nra said the american people know gun bans do not work. we're confident the senate will reject senator feinstein's approach. >> if anybody ask today can you win this, the answer is we don't know. it is so uphill. >> some groups hope members will pass a different measure, stronger background checks. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> three police officers will not face charges in the case of a man who died while in their custody. sarah sampson is live with reaction. >> the family of anthony anderson is furious with the decision. police thought he had choked on drugs after resisting arrest and tackle to the ground by detectives. >> i was shocked. it was like he was making a mockery of the situation. >> that was the reaction of anthony anderson's family. the investigation is centered around detective strohman. >> we have concluded that detective strohman did not act with the intent to cause death to mr. anderson. >> an autopsy showed that mr. anderson died from blunt force. detective strohman did c
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